Ramsey Kunkel

I was born and raised in Alberta, Canada. Indigenous to this land of Metis heritage.

My current focus in photography is with portraiture in various styles: beauty, fashion, glamour, environmental portrait, working with artists, models, public figures, celebrity and anyone who values the power of a photograph and photography.

Presently I'm telling a story through the Alberta Portrait Project, photographing persons that have helped shape this land, and those who've just begun their journey. Alberta is a beautiful province with amazing people of all walks of life.

I'm a lover of nature, people, places, and the relationships that have helped me along my path.

I've got the gear, but let my mind do the creating. Self taught, and this world, real life learning has helped me in the work I do. I put my all into every job and regardless of what job it is, I get those butterflies to help push me to give me, and the client the best possible outcome.
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